Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a browsing application designed using two cores. The tool is based on Webkit and Trident, thus it manages to provide a high quality service to its users. Web pages are loaded in an instant and the latest HTML5 elements are also supported by the app. Various features are also available for free and people will surely benefit from all of them. A powerful feature is the cloud pushing system, that allows users to forward different content such as text, images and all sorts of links to various devices that one might have. In order to achieve this, a passive connection must be created between a gadget and the PC browser, and a unique key will be assigned to them.

My Cloud is a storage and backup service provided by the browsers and here, users can store different files that might have various formats and sizes. The elements of the cloud will be automatically synchronized between the computer and other devices connected using the unique key. This way, users can access the latest uploaded files with ease or they can continue sorting out uploaded folders. The reader mode is created in order to provide people an easier reading experience by allowing them to adjust the font size and remove various ads and pop-ups.

A night mode is also available and the brightness of the browser will be adjusted so people can read in low-light conditions. A unique feature of the application is called New Session and it will be extremely useful for gamers. Using it, they can open multiple instances of the same website and login with different accounts at the same time. Another feature allows users to create a zip archive with every image in a web page and with a single mouse click, they can download this file.

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