Maxthon Classic

Maxthon Classic is basically the web browser application developed with the North American influence. Even if this particular web browser is not being used to that much efficacy, this web browser is a very popular in China. This Maxthon classic browser does come as a fast and reliable web browser. This web browser also comes with loads of different intuitive features that will make your web surfing experience really interesting.

Maxthon Classic web browser has been served with all the standard and basic features and add-ons. Sporting the different intuitive and highly functional features, this browser application has become a very popular one in china. The rolled in features like the rolled in auto form-filling is truly a great feature of this Maxthon browser that makes this hard to ignore. The feature which sets up the different bookmarks and presents at the start-up can be referred to as a very interactive feature of Maxthon classic.

Auto scroll webpages, blocking of several different ad sites as well as serving with a powerful pop-up blocker is some other features that have been included in this web browser. The only difference between the Maxthon and the Maxthon classic web browser is that the latest is more steady and is less customizable. The super drag and drop feature helps you to quickly copy and paste any particular keyword from a webpage to the address bar. This web browser is extremely fast, simple, and lightweight and performs efficiently on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 OS versions.

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