Maxi Vista

Sometime it is very much necessary in the workplace to combine several data from the several PC or laptop or television. Maxi Vista is such a Virtual Desktop Manager, which can easily manage data transformation between computers which are placed in the same desk. When the work is related with two desktops then it is known as Dual Screen. Maxi Vista helps to link between four computers at most with one keyboard and mouse via a network system.

Maxi Vista is designed with many ultra tech program codes. This tool is digitally designed and completely depends on software. It does not include any graphic cards, monitors or keyboard mouse switches from the outside. When several computers are connected via Maxi Vista then one can enjoy the big screen work with extended pixels. It has no effect on the picture quality of the screen. It is very much user friendly.

32 bit and 64 bit operating system support Maxi Vista. One can adjust colour depth while using it. Landscape can be changed as per the requirement. It has the feature named virtual resolution. One can also edit the extended screen several times as per their need. This tool can be operated in remote control mode and mirroring mode as per the convenience.



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