Max Payne 2

Max Payne 2 is a wonderful production and sequel of 2001’s Max Payne and continues to follow its predecessor’s policy of ‘short and sweet’. The quality and density of the game make up for the lack of length and volume. This is a third person shooter game in which the player can assume the role of Max Payne as well as Mona Sax in the upper levels. The game allows the player to use only a 9mm pistol initially. As the game progresses, the players can acquire other weapons of higher caliber and more intensity. There is a Max Internal monologue, which instructs the player on what their next objective is.

The application is designed with lots of flexibility and customization. The difficulty level of the game can be adjusted as per the players’ choice, but the application takes this in to consideration and automatically adjusts many other parameters. There are two special game modes: New York minute, in which the score is based on time taken to complete the levels and the Dead man walking in which the survival time is taken in to consideration. There is another interesting mode called the Bullet time, which slows the time to allow the player to aim more easily. The application is intelligent enough to identify this mode and the color of the screen changes to sepia tone for visual identification.

This sequel has made many corrections over the previous version. There are considerable changes and improvements in the combat system. The provision of secondary weapons and the conditions for its usage are the well planned design aspects of this game. Even players who are not exposed to the previous version can easily adapt to the game plans of this sequel. This application is worth a try. With bullet time toggled on, a player can take risks and face the enemy with more confidence and courage. This application lets a player have plenty of options for success.

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