Using normal word processing programs and spreadsheet programs for presenting complex mathematical functions is tough because of a wide number of limitations which include lack of symbols, the problem with the editor etc. But thanks to MathType, which is a software that help the users to present complex mathematical functions and formulas with a large number of options, which are not present within other programs.

MathType has four rows for a wide number of mathematical symbols and operations with a tabbed interface, which are namely algebra, statistics, derivations, sets, matrices, trigonometry etc. these things are kept on a pane, so that the users can get quick access to these features while they are writing a mathematical function or formula. This tool is extremely popular for the straightforwardness and users can insert the operators by clicking on the desired operator. If the users want to export the equations to a different place, for example word processing software, or a spreadsheet, they can easily do it with the sleek copy and paste functionality.

If the user works with a particular type of equation very often, they can add it to the library of the program, so that they can get it when they need. There are also a lot of options available to customize the settings and thus can be considered to be a full-fledged application for the users.

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