Mask Surf Lite

Mask Surf Lite is an application which offers users’ privacy while browsing the web by supplying a false IP address. Mask Surf Pro is very simple to use, and it does not matter whether the person using this application is an expert or a novice. The details which the users want to keep the private while being online are barred from being displayed by this application and all this is done by masking the original IP address of the system with another false IP address. There is no complication involved and this is a one click process.

An advanced enhancement called Tor is used which is pioneered by Mark Surf Lite itself to mask the original IP address of the system. Mask Surf Pro’s technology, Tor, is an open project propelled by the best networks and security professionals in the world, so it’s guaranteed that it is constantly updated and enhanced.

This application works as a background submission that only shows a system platter icon from which the user can get access to a pop-up list. From there the user can adopt to turn it on/off, close it, change untrue IP, get some aid, and access to the choice dialog. Any of the operating systems named here are compatible with this application; Windows XP/Vista.



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