MalwareSecure is program which blocks any attack made by viruses, Trojans, Spyware, rootkit and any other malicious program over the system. It continues keeps the user informed about the status of the system and makes an indication on the onset of any attack. Malwaresecure has both free version and paid version available. The free version can be used for a period of 15 days. Windows XP/2003/Vista/7; any of these operating systems named here support MalwareSecure successfully.

There is a special feature named proactive protection detects known and unknown threats. The phishing attacks, hackers and the online scams are blocked efficiently MalwareSecure. The malicious programs are also restricted by bringing in changes in the security settings of the system. There are various threats which come from removable devices which are also stopped by MalwareSecure. The performance of the computer becomes lightning fast. The interface is very much easy to understand and can be configured easily as per users’ convenience. The user compliance is made password protected.

MalwareSecure runs in the background and by enabling silent mode without interrupting the normal functioning of the system. It is very much light on the system resources and as stated earlier does not compromises system performance. The protection from any kind of threat from cyber world can be handled by MalwareSecure.



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