Mahjongg Variations

If you wish to experiment with an entertaining puzzle game that comes with a bit of a twist, then Mahjongg Variations is the perfect game for you. There are 12 different and highly addictive ways of playing the game and they will keep you hooked onto Mahjongg Variations for a very long time. You can use the traditional rules to play the game, or go for a more advanced version of the game, the choice is all yours. The main premise of the game is simple; you have to lay two tiles in the game adjacent to each other if they have the same image on them. This has to continue until all the tiles are gone, and you win the game by clearing the board.

There are hints presented in the game when you feel like you are stuck and cannot find way out of it. When you run out of matching tiles, you can shuffle the board so that you have more options in the game. there are various game modes in Mahjongg Variations and you can play them all depending on how well you can play the game. the first mode is the easy one where beginners can get a taste of the game and learn the ropes of Mahjongg Variations. And the toughest one is the one that makes you adhere to the traditional rules and provides the most challenges.

Besides these modes, there are other ones that allows you to experiment with the various added aspects in the game like the time challenge mode, the wild card mode and many more such ones. There is something for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you have played Mahjongg Variations before or not, you can start with the simplest of modes and work your way up to the more advanced ones to get a real taste of the challenge.



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