Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is a good tool that is specifically designed for file backup. This task might be a difficult one without the aid of special tools and users might not be aware of the advantages that such an action presents, but this tools offers detailed information about everything they might need to know, starting from the reasons of a backup and getting through all of the features that there are available in the tool. The application is free to use and it this is a definite advantage over premium competitors on the market.

The interface is compact and the main options of the wizard are presented with the aid of large buttons in the upper area of the screen. A sidebar provides the users options that can be modified in order to accomplish certain tasks related to backing up data. A wizard will guide the user through the entire process, thus the chances of doing something wrong are minimal. In the beginning, the user will have to choose a location for the backup and this can vary from DVDs and USB sticks to external hard disk drives.

This step also allows the user to see the type of the backup and the type of compression that will be used – and this can be changed if the user needs something else, such as a higher compression level. The back up can be protected with a password and on the same screen, the file sizes of the back up can be changed. The application eats up a lot of resources of the computer while the back up is created, but at least it does this for a short time, as the progress bar will fill up really fast, even if the back up is large – users can back up an entire disk drive.



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