M Autorun Killer For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10, XP) - Free Full Download

M Autorun Killer

M Autorun Killer is a software application which is very much efficient in cleaning and securing the system from any kind of unknown or new threat such as autorun viruses. All that is required is this software should be registered and it is capable in providing the system with unreachable protection. After the installation is complete this program blocks any kind of USB virus which makes an attempt to intrude into the system. M Autorun Killer automatically scans the system cleans and vaccinates any USB device from any further infection.

There are notifications also available which gives the user a precise idea about the status of the system and the files scanned. The size of the file which is to be downloaded from the internet for free usage is around 1.73 megabytes. There is a free to try version and a paid version conjointly exists, the period of usage for the free version being 30 days. As follows a list of the operating system which is compatible with M Autorun Killer; Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7.This software is a single answer to all the issues related to the USB drive viruses. Another interesting property of this software is it being very much light on the system resources i.e. uses minimal RAM for its functioning and thus does not slows down the system.

There are various new features appended in the latest version of M Autorun Killer. This version does not require frequent updating of the signature database as it was the case for the earlier versions. This version includes a Smart Scan Option which automatically scans USB drives connected to the system and also cleans them if any infection is found. There is also a smart scan log. The design of the interface is engineered in a new way. M Autorun Killer has become more powerful and the rate of scanning has also become faster. It can also fix the windows registry which has been damaged by viruses. It automatically vaccinates drives of the system and the USB as already told before.



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