Lux Delux

If you want to conquer the world and feel like the ultimate master of the world, then Lux Delux is the game for you. You can fight with enemies from all over the world and make yourself the last living conqueror. There are no irritating clean-ups or set-up like in the game Risk, and this makes Lux Delux better and more fun to play. the artificial intelligence Lux Delux is very well developed and this allows you to choose out of the five very intelligent and unique enemies that have their own set of skills in the game.

There are different maps in Lux Delux, and they range from the classic world map, to the Roman Empire and the Anglo-Celtic Isles map. You can explore all of these places and fight the battles against the soldiers there in order to conquer them. You can choose to attack the countries, or you can choose to not attack at the moment and invest your time and energy into creating a bigger and better army. There are various kinds of cards that you can earn in the game and this makes it more interesting as you can exchange the cards for bonuses in the game.

There is a lot of strategic thinking that you will need to do in Lux Delux, as the battles are not easy and the opponents are tough. The action is fast paced and thrilling as you save your armies and defeat the enemies to make their lands your own. The replay value of the game is very high due to the well developed artificial intelligence. The downside to Lux Delux is that the graphics and the sound effects are a little dated, and will not sit well with players who are used to a more advanced and modern setting.



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