Lovescript IRC Script

Lovescript IRC Script is an add on script program, a useful and advanced tool to access Internet relay chat. It allows users to text messages to their acquaintances and thereby provides a new mode for interaction. It keeps people be connected to each other in an easy and simple way. This interface is developed and designed in a way to be compatible with Windows platform. It indeed goes well with operating systems like Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, 7 and 8. The latest version provides unspecified updates and articulate better features and functionality.

Lovescript IRC Script application tool creates an easy interface to go on chatting via IRC network. It also ensures strong and powerful protection wall to keep personal stuffs safe and secured; it keeps individual’s information hidden and turns chatting fun, an event exciting and enjoyable. This software also includes in built MP3 player, in built search engine and in built trivia game of a large number.

Lovescript IRC Script magnifies the usage of IRC script and serves for providing basic needs to chat on an IRC network. In addition to it, it is a free software. User can continue their chatting, and retain connection with their near and dear ones, indeed at free of cost!



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