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Logon Screen Changer

Early computers never had the option of changing the screens and even wallpapers. Next the idea of decorating the screens with beautiful walls papers and screen savers evolved. People looked happy while changing the wallpapers of their desktops every month or every week whatever may be their liking. Screen savers also started changing sooner or later. Next, changing these wallpapers and screen savers also seemed not enough. The same login and logout screen started boring the users.

Now, the logon screens can also be changed as per the user’s likings. Though it is not that easy as the changing of wallpapers and screensavers, but still it can be done by the help of different Logon Screen Changer available. The application can be downloaded online. This tool comes with a number of attractive features and images that replaces the old screen to a newer look.

Logon Screen Changer application is portable as it is very small. The wizard instructs all the steps how to download, install and apply the new look with images of the user’s choices. Nowadays, even the images of Logon Screen Changer can be created and downloaded from other sites or outside source by the user. This application is compatible with all the latest Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Operating Systems.



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