Logo Design Studio

Logos are small pieces of pictures that can stand for a particular organization and can even be commanding enough to tell a story in rare cases. Those who love creating logos for the sake of hobby or profession, Logo Design Studio is a piece of the logo making tool that consists of a large number of features and tools for creating a logo.

Logo Design Studio consist of a large number of resources, which include a diversity of brushes, shapes, colors to create a logo in the way exactly a user want. Other than the features mentioned, users can even add various types of reflections, gradients and textures, to provide a shining look to the created logos. Texts can be added to the logos to give some information and that too can be accomplished with a large number of fonts and alignments. The latest version of the software also permits adding digital signatures, which ensures that nobody can copy the creations. Users can save the outputs in various formats, which include JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG etc. and thus they output files can be opened with all the photo opening programs available.

Logo Design Studio has a beautiful ribbon like interface and thus users can navigate through the various features of the program with ease. It is supported by all the latest Windows Operating Systems.

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