LogMeIn is an application designed for users that need remote access to their computer in order to solve various tasks. However, remote assistance can also be provided to other people while using this small tool that is distributed for free. The only requirement is that both users have the client installed on the computer. The tool covers both the host and guest aspects of a connection and people can switch the places whenever they want to. In order to establish a connection, two elements are required, the connection code and the password.

After acquiring the login credentials, the guest user is ready to connect and the host’s desktop will be displayed in a window on the screen. The Wake On LAN feature of computers can be used by this tool and people cannot boot up their machines using a simple command. Afterwards, they only have to wait for the PC to boot and they can start working with any application they want to. The application can be launched in a browser window, too, and the desktop will be still visible. Here, a 256 bit SSL protocol is used in order to encrypt data transfer or other actions that are performed while working as a guest on the main computer.

The application is not only fully compatible with any Windows version, but developers have also created mobile versions, so users that want to control their PC or offer assistance to a friend can easily log in using their smartphone. While using the browser method, users can easily access a sidebar with a drop down menu where various options are available. During the connection process, the host will be able to see what the guest is accessing at the computer, so he can cancel the connection if he feels unsafe about a procedure.



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