Live TV

Live TV is one of those popular apps that enables the users to watch various channels or movies though the internet. Continuous streaming is essential for those who wish to avail its services to the fullest. Besides providing various live streaming, it also offers a wide range of online music store so that all music lovers can satiate their desire to stream continuous music without any break, for all the 24 hours.

Arts, music, science, technology, news, romance; everything has been neatly and precisely planned and deployed in this software. One can easily change the video resolution just to make sure it works pretty well in a relatively slow internet connection and does not buffer while a video is running.

The toolbar is listed with a wide range of programs that are streaming through TV and also radio stations. While some are very easy to watch and it is compatible for all types of windows operating systems so, you need not worry about the compatibility. Another important property of this software is that you can import most of the videos that are already transmitted once. After downloading is completed, you can easily customize the toolbar according to your choice.



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