liquidFOLDERS is an application suited for users who want to benefit from more functionality than that offered by the simple Windows Explorer in order to manage files and folders. The tool has a minimalist interface that does not feature too many buttons so that users can concentrate on the most important aspects. Unlike Windows Explorer, this utility does not rely on folders in order to manage files.

liquidFOLDERS is able to merge folders within Stores. This management unit provided by the app makes file browsing and searching much easier because all of the needed elements are kept together in one place. On the main screen of the app, users have the possibility to create as many stores as they want. They can give each one a name and assign an icon, either from the library or from a custom location. These parameters can be changed at any time. A location where the Store is kept on disk should also be given to the app.

liquidFOLDERS then requires users to choose the folders they want merged within a Store. Multiple of them can be added in an instant and all of the files are indexed as they are added so that loading times are minimal. Files can be then sorted based on various parameters, all of them being selectable using the columns.



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