Linkman is a utility that can be used effectively in order to manage bookmarks from multiple browsers. It works better than the browsers themselves because it offers more solutions to those that want to keep track of their favorite links. First of all, the app will detect the browsers that are installed on the computer and it will also display statistics about the number of bookmarks each one has. Then, users can press a button and the links will be imported.

Linkman allows users to create as many folders and subfolders they want and use them as categories for the browsers. This way, they can organize their links regardless of their number. If they want to quickly find something, they can use the built-in search tool that provides instant results. In the list view of each category, users can add columns such as rating, description or comments. They can then fill in these fields in order to have a better description of the links they have in the database.

Linkman can quickly scan all of the bookmarks in order to find broken or dead links and the user has the option to remove these from the database. Duplicates are also marked and they can be removed from the list. The tool can be kept running in the background and it can be maximized with the aid of its system tray icon.

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