Life Quest 2: Metropoville

In Life Quest 2: Metropoville you will be living a virtual life, but make no mistake, things are not easy, and you will have tough decisions and challenges to face at every turn in the game. there are limited hours a day that you get to perform all the tasks that are set for you, just like in real life. The choices that you will have to make will be reminiscent of real life, say for example, you will have to choose whether to work or continue with college, marry the person you love, or risk losing him or her forever, and so on. You will also have to face monitory decisions that will have an impact on your present and future in the game.

As and how you make your choices, there will be doors in the game that will open and shut depending on those choices. Life Quest 2: Metropoville is more like the Game of Life than a Sims game, and this is what makes it so entertaining to play. the main premise of the game is planning. If you make a life plan and manage to stick with it, you will be rewarded accordingly. At the beginning of the game you will get to choose the character that you will get to play in Life Quest 2: Metropoville.

The Life Quest 2: Metropoville is a collection of a series of 12 quests that you have to fulfill in order to lead a complete life. If you play your cards well, then at the end of the 12 quest you will receive victory. At the beginning you will have to choose your most important life goal, and then stick to it with all your might. There are a number of categories available in the game like Leisure, Toys, Practically, Athletics, Relationships, Medicine, Finance, and Law.



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