Let's do pretend Icecream shop

Let’s do pretend Ice cream shop is an all new role playing game for kids where they can brain train effectively while playing interactive games. In this game, you take up the role of an ice-cream shop server and need to take orders from customers. There are various ice cream flavors and toppings right from fruits to whipped cream and candiesto sauces. Using all the ingredients you have, make your very own original, good quality ice-cream any number of times you want. The application offers you endless possibilities with millions of possible combinations you could make. you have 18 different flavors, 30 toppings across 4 categories, 5 different containers and 5 sauces.

Every time you make an ice-cream, you would find new, wonderful combinations to your heart’s content. Beautiful colors of the ice-cream flavors and the decorative items inspire your kid’s minds to the senses of colors. Let them learn it all with a fun activity. The game has no rules, no stress, no time limit! Children can freely mix and match as per their own imagination and creativity. As the ice-cream is made in order, it would come out pretty and so the child is sure to happy seeing it. The program is designed to be balanced with good amount of allowed freedom and pretty results.

You can easily capture the picture of the ice cream you made and save it in your albums. Enjoy making ice-creams with your little ones and let them brain-train with fun! Get the free trial of the game today on your PC with BlueStacks emulator!

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