The latest version of Microsoft Windows that is Windows 8 has a fresh new look and it attracts users with the brand new Metro User interface. But users who use their computer for general purposes may face problems using this new interface. It is for this purpose Launch8 is built to make the users feel more convenient while using Windows 8.

The software, after installation, shows a dock where it has a few default icons for various system elements like, “Computer”, “Internet Explorer” etc. Users also have the freedom to add new apps and shortcuts to this dock. Similar to the Windows taskbar, users can enjoy the additional features from the dock, which include viewing of the frequent tasks and pinned objects unlike other software of the same category. At the end of the dock, there is a settings icon to configure the features of the software. The cool effects of the tool are displayed while taking the mouse on the icons and also while clicking.

All these features make the tool a must for those users who want to get the full, out of their Windows. The software can be used by beginners as well as experts. Users can also decide the location of the dock i.e. top or bottom of the desktop.



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