Kruptos 2 Professional

If you are looking for a shareware or a robust security tool, Kruptos 2 Professional is one perfect option for you. Kruptos is able to create self extracting files and ZIP files along with a strong 256 bit encryption. It can automatically re-encrypt the files whenever you will be closing them, so you never need to be worried about forgetting to re-secure your files.

Actually Kruptos 2 Professional is a file security program which uses 256 bit encryption. It can prevent your private files from getting modified, accessed or read without correct password. Any files can be password protected with the help of this software like movies, photos, data of credit cards, tax returns and other private files. This program can seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Windows explorer. When you are finished with editing or viewing, it can automatically re-encrypt your files so you won’t need to worry about your files being left unsecured. You are allowed by this software to send encrypted emails through the internet. You can create encrypted ZIP files and also self extracting encrypted files. There are other useful security options that are provided by this software as well.

If you use Kruptos 2 Professional, you can protect different items under one key file or password. For a different kind of data, you can create separate projects also. You can disguise the file names. These are the facilities provided by this software. Use it to know more about this software.



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