Kiwi Application Monitor

Monitoring various aspects of your system becomes important when you notice that it has started working slow suddenly. Kiwi Application Monitor helps you find the reason for the malfunctioning by providing all the necessary tools. These tools let you control all the active processes and apps on the system. It is different from the standard process manager in that it does not display a list of currently active applications on the machine. It works in the background to alert you of any detected suspicious activity based upon the rules you set. The rules can include sending of alert message each time the selected app starts or ends, or when the running time or memory load exceeds specific limit.

It is possible to schedule the program to perform various automatic tasks such as shutting down the computer or closing a program. The app allows customizing the programs you would like to monitor. It also offers a huge variety of filters for receiving warning messages as well as scheduling tasks. Get the tool and monitor the active processes, applications and schedule tasks easily!

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