KeyScrambler Personal

KeyScrambler Personal is an application that is designed to help users increase the security of their computers with the aid of a simple tool. Keyloggers are dangerous programs that can get easily inside a computer and many antivirus tools are not able to detect them. However, in order to prevent keystrokes from being recorded until a dedicated application scans the system, users can install a keystroke encryption tool that can do a good job with a minimum amount of effort involved from people. The presented tool can do this with ease and it will run in the background in order to avoid any interference with other apps.

It is pretty easy to install the application and after this process is ready, the tool will start along with the operating system, in order to provide protection from the very beginning. Its system tray icon can be clicked in order to launch the main interface and here, a few settings can be applied. Users should take note of the fact that not every keystroke will be encrypted. This is because the tool only deals with the most sensitive areas where text can be written.

This way, website addresses will not be encrypted as they are not considered of high priority. However, the content of an email or a text document will be thoroughly encoded in order to prevent keyloggers from exporting data. The keylogger’s file report will only be able to record a string of random characters that have been created instead of the actual typing. The encryption is created between the physical moment of pressing a key and its result in the browser, so users are able to see exactly what they type. The encrypted characters are not based on a fixed algorithm and this makes them completely safe from decryption.



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