An innovative health tool, KE-Finder is designed to help users with the assessment of carbohydrate content in food. The purpose of this program is to eliminate the need to carry carbohydrate units-book. One can easily give a diabetic clue for insulin delivery with the help of this app. Precise knowledge of nutritional content in food is important for optimization of insulin therapy. KE is a very useful estimator of carbohydrate units and it can be used to calculate the dose of insulin. A carbohydrate unit is defined as the amount of food containing 10 grams of digestible carbohydrate, thus blood sugar in different forms of starch and sugar.

This powerful application would replace carrying carbohydrate guide with you. It is based upon a huge database of over 8800 basic food as well as industrially produced food. One can find the food by manufacturer, food group or using a text search. The KE table essentially describes the carbohydrate content of different foods in terms of per 100 grams. Use it to quickly get the clue for insulin dosage without having to look for books and guides.

An useful health utility now available as PC version with BlueStacks emulator for free trial!



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