KChess Elite

If you wish to master the game of chess with by playing against worthy and challenging opponents, then KChess Elite is the game for you. There are numerous statistical data available in KChess Elite that will help you gain access to strategic moves that you can practice on your opponent. This data can be referred to even between games and this is what makes KChess Elite different from other games. The artificial intelligence in the game is really challenging and the computer makes for a very tough competitor.

There is a built-in email system that allows you to play the game online with another player available in the community. You can pick the side you wish to play, either black or white. You can perform all the regular moves, and then learn some sleek and dynamic moves that will make the game tough for your opponent. If you get stuck in the game and are unsure of the next move, then you can hold the mouse onto the piece and the computer will show you all the possible moves that you can make with that piece.

You can also pause an ongoing game and return to it later, when you and your competitor feel up to it. KChess Elite can also be played by blind players as there is a feedback made with the help of a voice-over, and the controls are also easy to master. You can also get tactical hints in the middle of the game if you feel like you are losing. You can choose an autoplay option that will enable the computer to suggest some strategic moves that you can make playing the game. you can also choose the level of difficulty that you are comfortable with when playing against the computer, which makes KChess Elite suitable for people of all ages.



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