Kayako Fusion

Kayako Fusion is a live chat support software from Kayako, that offers its services to large web companies trying to improve their customer support. Kayako has three offices around the globe, and this proves that its services have what it takes to work with international companies. Kayako Fusion bombards its operators with useful data. Operators get to see real-time visitor information and personal workflow monitoring along with ticket requests and operator tracking.

The Administrator gets the same information as operators and can also monitor the operator chat windows. The administrative tools and options are fluid and easy to use. The initial set up is easy, all you have to do is copy and paste Kayako Fusion’s code onto your site. Once this is done, a Live Chat appears on the site and allows your customers to connect just with the click of a button.

This live chat support software has a variety of features, some of them include: click-to-call and integrated VoIP. Technical issues faced by the customers can be solved using visual samples. The operators are able to take screenshots and share them with the customer through the chat window. Remote desktop control can also be used for assistance.



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