K7 Ultimate Security

It is a unique and one of its kind security software that is superfast and does not slow down your system the slightest bit. The latest and the most advanced kind of security technology that is provided by K7 computing. It is very simple and quite easy to use. Yet it has a superb combination of feature which will meet all your security requirements. It comes fully equipped to protect not just your privacy but also your entire data collection.

It combines the best of Internet Security with a powerful anti – virus. The protection that it provides the user with against all kinds of threats is absolutely amazing. The great speed of this software does not mean it compromises on the security anywhere. It is powerful and yet it is also dependable. It will secure your system against the new generation of threats that may harm your computer. Its features include a firewall, virus protection, identity protection, spam protection and spyware protection. The virus protection system of this software is tightly integrated and fool proof.

Any matter that can pose a threat to your PC or endanger your system is blocked. From inappropriate content to spam emails and viruses and spyware nothing is beyond the pale of this software. All kinds of communications made from and to your system will be totally under your control. It automatically checks and scans external memory storage devices like USB sticks. Inappropriate sites can also be blocked on your PC by using this software. It provides a very effective Identity Protection.


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