K7 Antivirus

K7 Antivirus is exhaustive virus removal software with a number of extraordinary features and tools bundled in one single package. Its goal is to provide the user maximum security against all malicious elements scattered all over the web. It sports a smart and user-friendly graphical interface around which all features are organized on separate tabs.

K7 Antivirus is always on the alert to keep the computer away from viruses, Trojan Horses, root kits, botnets, dialers, keyloggers and malwares of latest sorts. It has an Automatic Update feature which, employing cloud-based virus detection system, acquires from the cloud server latest virus definitions as soon as they are released. The Heuristic engine searches suspicious files for dangerous elements, monitoring the entire system. A variety of scans is offered, from which the user can choose the right and most convenient option according to his need. There are quick scan and complete scan (takes about 40 minutes to scan the whole system in detail) for the entire computer, as well as custom scan for specified area.

It can also scan for patches or abnormal changes in the system or track cookies. K7 Antivirus provides real-time protection by automatically checking the downloadable files and preventing fake websites from sneaking out the user’s personal information. The Anti-spyware restricts any unauthorized installation. Every e-mail is scanned for malware presence. There is also a USB vaccination tool to disable the autorun files of the USB sticks. For the user’s convenience a virtual keyboard is also present there. One in need of a powerful yet cost effective antivirus can give it a try.

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