K-Lite Codec Pack Full

K-Lite Codec Pack Full is a complete solution for users that need to play various media files on their computers. Even nowadays, such codec packs are required in order for the media players to benefit from maximum compatibility with different media file types and such a free solution might be used. The application provides all sorts of codecs that manage to play not only classic files, but also rarely encountered formats. The tool provides three different setup options and users can choose any of them; the Expert settings provide the most customizable features regarding the codecs that should be installed.

A default profile can be used or a custom one can be created in order to easily load various codecs that can be used at certain times. Moreover, while using a profile, a user can also select certain codecs and assign them to only one media player. This way, multiple players can be used exclusively for certain file types. However, users can also use the basic media player included in the codec pack. It has a simple interface and all of the codecs are automatically loaded so full compatibility of media files is ensured.

Audio settings are available and this way, users can choose between multiple presets that allow them to make good use of a 7.1 system, too. Moreover, the sound will not be emulated from a stereo setup and this way, a maximum quality sound scheme will be available for sound systems. Multiple tweaks can be applied to various settings in the tool and their aim is to gradually increase the performance of video and audio playback. However, the tutorials should be consulted before making changes – not because settings might be wrong, as they can be reverted, but to provide a real quality increase in relation to the computer’s capabilities.



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