Just 6 Weeks

A powerful fitness app, Just 6 Weeks is designed to offer its users an opportunity to tone their body, learn doing push-ups and situps and shape a desired muscle profile in just six weeks. Now you need not deal with complicated systems and hours of exhausting workouts. Simply 10 minutes workout thrice a week at a comfortable spot and you can get into the perfect shape you always wanted. The program features a simple, comprehensive interface with customizable functionality. It makes everything easy to access; statistics, reminders and workouts are all a click away. You can never again be distracted from workouts now!

This application essentially combines five different programs into one. It includes 100 push-ups, 200 pull-ups, 200 sit-ups, 200 squats and 150 dips. These individual programs can be combined together in any way for use. You also get the ability to select level based on the results of your fitness test. There is an auto rest timer having custom settings. Other features include workout schedule with reminders, detailed statistics of performed exercises, regular adjustments for workout intensity matching your level, importing-exporting the data and more.

With this tool, you will always remain on your track to fitness goals. Get the app and build healthy body with ease! Try it on your PC today with BlueStacks App Player!



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