Juice is an application that allows users to listen to their favorite radio stations and podcasts without having to use any other tool at all. Radio streaming works flawlessly with this app even on lower internet speeds and users can benefit from uninterrupted playback as they go on with their daily tasks.

Juice can be installed with ease and it has a nice interface that users can easily understand. The main playlist will be saved upon exiting the application and users can keep track of their favorite radio stations with the aid of the app. New links can be added with just a couple of mouse clicks and their names can be edited according to one’s liking.

Juice is available in 15 languages so that many users can benefit from its functions. The built-in media player has a few basic options which prove to be really useful when having to switch from one radio station to the other. If anyone wants to keep their radio stations in a secure environment, they can create an account and then make the app request their login credentials. The radio station list can be exported in a file which can be later imported on another device that has Juice installed.



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