JAWS, is one of the best screen reader softwares around. The features in this software outnumber most others but fall short on certain parameters, which mostly go undetected. The software is capable of reading each alphabet as you type them out on the screen. However, at the end of a word, it is incapable of pronouncing the word as a whole.

There is a distinct inflection noticed in the voice depending on whether the alphabets typed are in the uppercase or lowercase. The software can also read out the various features of a document like the font specifications. The software can also produce the output on an electronic Braille device. There are many functionalities loaded into the software. While it increases the number of things you can do with the software, it makes the mastering of the software a cumbersome process.

The software reads out anything you click. If you pull down a menu, it reads out the entire menu. There are two voice options – masculine and feminine. The software can narrate words on the screen. But when it comes to passwords, it just says ‘star star star’ and so on. Hence, JAWS is a simple yet effective screen reader. If you are looking for a user friendly screen reader, you can definitely opt for the same.



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