J3DWorkbench is an application that can be used by users who want to work with three dimensional models and edit them. There are a lot of parameters that can be worked with when it comes to a 3D model and all of them are accessible and also editable within this utility. This way, users are able to work with their models or even create new ones.

J3DWorkbench has a simple interface that features the most important buttons grouped in a few toolbars. Each of them can be moved around the screen and more of them can be added, if needed. Users also have access to a sidebar in which the parameters of their 3D model appear. They can change any value of those that are displayed in order to edit the model.

J3DWorkbench is able to work with multiple types of models created in other applications, too. This way, users are able to progress on their work even if they do not have access to the native app, as the current one is able to do everything that might be required. After a 3D mesh is created, users can start adding textures to it. They can be imported within the app and then edited. Special textures such as fire or smoke can also be added and adjusted.

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