With ithlete, you will always know when to train, when to rest and how hard to train for optimizing the health and fitness to the optimum. Use the tool to make the fitness training safer and more effective by choosing the perfect times for training and enhancing performance. The application would provide you the accurate data that enables you to measure your daily fatigue as well as recovery levels easily. It also helps with tracking of the subjective metrics like sleep and diet to identify the most influential factors. Some of the advantages of using this app include optimizing fitness, improving health, performance, fitness, managing recovery, preventing injury, avoiding over training, enjoying rest days without guilt, tracking long term progress.

The purpose of the program is to help you monitor your training stress so that you can adjust the sessions as per the body’s readiness for training, improvement and performance. You just need to take a minute measurement each morning and follow the app’s color coded recommendation for training. This would be one of – train as normal, take a rest day or train light. Measuring HRV is very important for any athlete, whether amateur or professional and this tool does it for you.

Stay updated about your body’s readiness for training and stay fit and healthy! Get the tool for your desktop by looking for it using the BlueStacks App Player!



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