Users looking for any data recovery software to help them in recovering their lost data from a wide range of storage media will find the IsoBuster software tool to fit the bill perfectly. This data recovery software is capable of salvaging data from various types of media such as optical ones including CD, DVD, and BD, as well as, flash drives in the form of USB sticks and SD cards with utmost efficiency. Thus, users can retrieve their data from almost any source with the help of this software.

The IsoBuster data recovery software provides support for all the file systems to its users, and allows them to scan the storage media for retrieving the lost files and folders. This software has an enhanced error handling capability, and provides the users with a greater chance of recovering their data with the help of re-try mechanisms. This software practically circumvents the Windows OS and communicates directly with the storage devices. Thus, it provides a greater chance of data recovery by utilizing several alternate mechanisms.

The IsoBuster data recovery software is able to salvage file types not supported by Windows OS and copes with various types of drive disc incompatibilities. This software is also capable of building file lists of the recovered files based on file signatures, which is independent from any of the file system data. Users also receive support for a wide range of image files with this software tool. This data recovery software is compatible with systems running on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.



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