iPhoneDrift is a fun web browser application to have on your desktop. This is not a typical type of web browser that you commonly used for surfing the web. If you want a real feel of using real iPhone Safari web browser application; this software can comprehensively provide you with that opportunity. iPhoneDrift is basically a web browser application that looks exactly like surfing the web in an original iPhone, but in a Windows pc.

iPhoneDrift can be used as a proper web browser application or just for fun, without any kind of limitation. What you must understand is that this particular piece of web browser application is not for heavy web browsing like other browsers. Instead, this web browser is meant for a fun and happening feeling of real iPhone Safari web browser use in Windows pc. The functionality of this fun web browser is that it temporarily changes the web browser agent for the website to recognize that you are using an iPhone. By a trick in the application; iPhoneDrift makes the webpage to believe that you are using iPhone and surfing the web through Apple Safari.

iPhoneDrift is a web browser application that is completely portable, lightweight and can be used anytime, anywhere. Also, this application does not require any installation of any means. You can rotate the browser 360 degree opting you for the feelings of an original Phone usage. Onscreen keyboard for typing is also there for an optimum iPhone experience.




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