IP Hider

IP Hider is application software designed to mask or hide the IP address of the user. This is done so that the user can hide his/her internet traffic and the exact location from where the user is surfing the web. This application completely hides the users’ internet activity and lets nobody know anything about what is being done on the internet from that particular system in which this application is installed.

This application provides high-level security in order to make any kind of transaction of data over the internet secure. This application is very easy to use and the interface is designed in such a way that it needs no configuring after the installation is complete. IP Hider Pro masks the users’ IP address with any other IP address of the user’s choice. In order to make anonymous connections one click is enough.

The encrypted transmission is impeccable, and the connection reconnects automatically after any drop outs. This application provides all round protection to the privacy of the user. A few particular applications can be chosen for which the traffic is being hidden. The DNS lookups are also redirected. There is no fixed of time for which a particular user can keep an IP address. The operating systems mentioned here are compatible with this application; Windows XP/Vista/7/8.



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