Intrusion Detection System SAX-2

An efficient management of networks is a key to maintaining a good network connection with minimum security risks. The Intrusion Detection System SAX-2 is a useful app that monitors a network or system for malicious activities. It also stores the record of these activities in a database, attempts to abort the activity and reports it to the network or system administrator. This process helps a lot in maintaining an efficient network.

An Intrusion Detection System can detect errors which are generally overlooked by most firewalls for example Denial of service, unauthorized login and various malware.Ax3 Soft SAX-2 or Intrusion Detection System SAX-2 provides a unique platform for performing all your network security and intrusion detection related activities.

On a real time basis Intrusion Detection System SAX-2 24 / 7 network monitoring, a detailed and advanced protocol analysis and an automated detection system. SAX-2 makes it easy to manage and detect network or various system related vulnerabilities, identify as well as rectify network security threats and intercept connections causing various issues or threat in the network. It also provides the detailed reports of such issues which are stored in a database for future reference. It can be easily installed in all leading Widows operating systems such as windows 7/8.



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