Internet Spyware Hunter

There are programs that are called spyware or malware, which are designed to sneak into a system and steal personal and sensitive data. It also tricks the user into buying the fake software or seize the internet browser history and display it to a sales page, compromising with the security of data and mess with the settings. These annoying programs can cause more nuisances than computer virus as they avoid getting detected by traditional methods of detection. Internet Spyware Hunter is the solution to this problem.

An Internet Spyware Hunter protects a system not only from real time spyware but also from worms, cookies, scripts, ads, web bugs and other similar intrusive programs. It also scans the memory, registry, cookies and looks for rootkits. Since removal of rootkits is difficult, it detects the installation and stops it from occurring.

Internet Spy Hunter is programmed to grant advanced protection from data-mining, browser hijackers, aggressive advertising, malware, Trojans, and tracking components. It works like a firewall to protect the online security of the system. The advantage of this is that it is customizable , uses minimal resources unlike heavy antivirus systems. It updates itself daily so that its database is up to date and so is the security of your system.


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