Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is still a top browser of the market, rivaling with other powerful browsers developed by various companies. The tool comes as the standard browser installed in Windows operating systems and it provides its users with a number of useful features. The back-end of the browser has been completely redeveloped in order to provide more quality front-end options that make the browser now fully compatible with HTML5 standards and users can browse all kinds of websites. A new interface has been designed for the browser and now the tabs are much easier to use.

The installer of the newest Internet Explorer browser can be downloaded from the internet and the tool is ready to use in seconds. As part of the new interface, the search bar has been split in half and the right area is now filled by the multiple tabs that can be opened. Using this feature, developers aimed to create a minimalist design. Upon launching the browser, a user can have displayed a certain start page, or a list with the most visited websites for easy access. This feature is useful for office environments, where users work with the same list of websites.

Various websites can be pinned to the Start bar of Windows in order to provide quick access, even before launching the actual browser. Add-ons can be easily installed to the browser and they can also be removed if the browser detects decreases of performance. This can be found out by performing a quick scan of every extension, and in the end, the browser will show the seconds that are added by each tool to the overall loading time of a website. A better download manager is now available and it provides a quality experience when downloading various files, as a list of trusted vendors has been added to prevent warning screens.



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