Internet Explorer for Windows 7

Till the date, the latest version of Internet Explorer had only been published with the Windows 8 OS. IE on Windows 8 comes in as a pre-installed browser. This time, Microsoft has stepped up a gear to provide the latest upgradation of Internet Explorer for Windows 7 also. But, the Internet Explorer for Windows 7 has been developed with only desktop mode. Whilst for Windows 8, the IE supports both touchscreen and desktop mode.

The interface looks very much familiar when compared to the previous versions as not much of a change has been done. The back and forward buttons have been integrated into the browser, which gives it a cool look. The address bar and search bar have shared same amount of space. The menu bar is still hidden by default settings. If, you have opened too many numbers of tabs at once; the interface might look a bit clumsy. CSS animation, HTML5 spell checking involvement and improved JAVA based performance script has been included in this software.

Though this Internet Explorer for Windows 7 version falls behind in HTML5 benchmark capabilities; it beats the Firefox easily. The speed of this browser is much faster than the previous versions. The only lacking in this software is in the security department. There is a protected view which will lock down some of the features of the browser, limiting it to getting access to the OS.

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