InBoxer for Outlook

Users of the Outlook email client will find the InBoxer for Outlook anti-spam software tool to be the best bet for keeping out the spam messages while not interfering with the flow of the good ones. This spam filtering software uses Bayesian mathematics and other such techniques to target spam messages with greater accuracy. Thus, spammers will find it harder to beat this software to gain entry into the email accounts of their targeted users. However, users can define senders and companies in their contact list to enable emails from these trusted sources to come in unimpeded.

The InBoxer for Outlook software tool provides more efficient spam filter by building filters based on the mail folders of its users. This software checks each of the incoming messages and places the questionable ones into a separate folder but never deletes them automatically. Users can manually review the quarantined messages and then decide whether to restore them or remove them with the click of a mouse. This software learns from its past mistakes, and can even differentiate between newsletters on its user’s favorite hobby from those sent by bulk mailers.

The InBoxer for Outlook makes it harder for the spammers by building unique filters for each of its users, which makes it virtually impossible for a single message to get around all the different filters used by different users. This software does not require centralized updates because it updates its filtering databases each time it blocks a new message. Users can even set distinctive tones for each contact in their contact list to be able to know about the sender of a new message by simply listening to the mailing tone. Thus, users can benefit a lot by using this spam filtering software tool.



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