Imtec Battery Mark

Imtec Battery Mark is a freeware solution for users who want to test their laptop battery and see its capacity and quality. Laptop batteries are sometimes a hassle because they might discharge too fast and then charge too slow when they are connected to an external power source. Thus, some users might want to know exactly what are the parameters of the battery that is installed into their laptop.

Imtec Battery Mark can perform two types of tests in order to provide accurate results to users. Both rely on the computer’s resources and both will take the laptop into full load. It is recommended to avoid using other apps while the tests are performed because they might not function properly and the diagnostic tool might also not be able to perform an accurate test. The tests only take a few minutes to complete, though, so that users can go back to their actions quickly.

Imtec Battery Mark is able to work with multicore processors too, so that it can stress each of the cores and see how is the battery affected while doing so. There is the possibility to perform a normal and a fast test. Both will provide log files at the end and an estimate of the battery’s life will also be displayed.



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