IMonitor EAM Pro

IMonitor EAM Pro is a very nice centralized employee monitoring software. Whatever they are doing with your computer and internet, you can easily see and log that. If you are feeling that your company’s confidential things are getting leaked but you don’t know how and when, you can easily use this software to identify that.

Also you can catch the employees who are misusing your company’s computers. If you are lacking in controlling your employees, then there is a chance of leaking company news through email, IM chats and by just a removable disc. In such situation, a software that can monitor offline and online activity can solve all these problems that you are facing. One such very useful software is EAM Pro.There are several facilities that can be provided by this software. All the keys pressed on the keyboard can be logged by it. In real time, any user’s desktop can be seen and hence you can see what they are doing on the computer. Monitoring outgoing and incoming email is also possible using this program.

All the sites which have been visited by the employees can also get recorded. Without your presence, it can spy on other’s computers and can take snapshots of the PCs. Document tracking like copying, modifying, deleting, renaming and creating can be recorded as well. It can record printing jobs. The applications which are being used the most can also be tracked. These are some important features of this software. This software is compatible with all the latest Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 etc.



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