Immersive Explorer

Immersive Explorer is an application designed for users who want a good quality file manager that also looks nice. The interface of this utility is inspired by the new Metro UI designed by Microsoft for its eighth iteration of the operating system. Thus, users have the opportunity to see Metro in action without having to install the operating system, which is not designed for low-end computers, unlike this current app.

Immersive Explorer allows users to customize the main view of the explorer according to their needs. Thus, they can add all sorts of shortcuts to the screen and have them accessible within one click. Each folder provides a neat view of the files added within it and users can see previews of certain media files, such as images. They can simply open a file and see its contents, but they can also check its properties. These are displayed in the style of the Metro UI and they look much more organized than in the classic view.

Immersive Explorer can be customized in terms of colors for the various folders that appear on screen and users can create multiple themes this way. There are also a few keyboard shortcuts which can be used in order to quickly navigate throughout multiple folders and they can be read in the Help file.



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