iMesh For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10, XP) - Free Full Download


iMesh is an application designed to help users who need to transfer files, whether it is about uploading or downloading them. In order to make the whole process easy, the tool uses the peer to peer protocol, abbreviated as P2P. Using this system, files are easily transferred between two ends of the network, without risking a corrupted download because of a connection drop. This is the main reason for which a program like the current one is used, because a download process that is initiated using this tool can be resumed with ease after the tool or the computer are shut down.

The application can work with a large number of files at the same time and users can easily download everything at high speeds, as the app will make the most out of the internet connection, without affecting too much the bandwidth. If a user does not want to only download files that he already knows about, he can use the Search feature in order to discover a lot of interesting things that can prove useful. The search engine provided by this application is designed mainly for media files, even if other types of files can be found.

The latest features added by the developers provide social media integration for the application and this way, users can not only keep in touch with their friends, but they can now recommend various media files to them, within a single mouse click. This way, people can share newly discovered songs or movies and other users will be able to download them, as they will also receive a download link for the app itself. This app is absolutely legal to use and it does not promote illegally downloadable files, so everyone that wants a safe P2P file sharing tool can rely on iMesh.



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