Identity Cloaker

It is an application that applies complicated expertise for providing its’ user internet privacy and anonymity protecting against service. This tool is one of the most user friendly tool that enables the users to protect their computers and also offers versatility in terms of power users. Such user friendly interface aids the people to use it in an appropriate way.

The main feature of Identity Cloaker is to protect all the users from internet threats by encrypting various useful data such as password, user ids or any other customer relevant information using a well built proxy server. The best part of this tool is that with the help of open VPN network as well as SSH tunneling, it forms one of the most powerful 256 bit encryption classes, which are extremely safe for the users to store information and thus it provides such a high level security for their users.

The application should not be mistaken as a proxy switcher. It has seen that Identity Cloaker carries portable setting up facility that aids the users to store various important data. This software can be easily installed to the user’s computer by normal download or installation from external devices like pen drive or USB cable. The best part about this tool is that it does not require any user account in order to avail the services thus it is really user friendly.

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