IcoFX is a slim photo editor which provides a series of tools that are easily adaptable to various projects. Users can edit usual photos using the certain tools but all of them have a much greater use if ICO files need to be created or edited. However, other icon formats are available so that users can export their project as they want it.

IcoFX allows users to convert usual images to icons and there is the possibility to further edit each of them in terms of size and elements. In the and, all of these icons can be exported and integrated within applications, regardless of their nature. This is why the application provides standard templates for Android, iOS and other operating systems. This way, users can easily build custom icons and they can also work in parallel for a multi-platform icon.

IcoFX provides batch tasks functionality so that multiple icons can be processed at the same time. Automating such processes saves users a lot of time. Alpha channels are supported by this app so that users can create icons with transparent elements that will not be whited out upon saving. The tool also provides conversion features, such as the ability to convert Mac icons to Windows ones and backwards.

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