iClone is the 3D modelling software which can be referred to as a comprehensive tool for in-house 3D motion capturing and creativity involvements. iClone is a real time 3d direct actor creating and 3D puppeteering tool which can be immensely helpful in creating real time 3D motions. Also, for creating video sets, 3D environments and direct real life 3D animation of actors and other props has been made easy with the use of this iClone software.

What you really get is the Microsoft Kinect-ready direct motion sensing format which can be used to create animated characters and all the different facial or bodily motions will be saved in only one Motion file. This motion file can be reused to bring life to the characters directly whenever needed. Also, you can use the 3D motion capturing service that will actually help you do direct the different 3D models or characters while compensating for 3D visualization sets, props and environment. The drag and drop character 3D modelling option helps you to remove or add 3D models to the current set whenever required.

Also, the high motion 3D physics content gives you the opportunity to create amazing animations for both professionals and beginners working in different work fields such as 3D movie creation, broadcasting or education. The software comes with a 30 day trial version license which could be extended on demand. The software features a sophisticated visualization engine which provides opportunity to edit on-the-fly videos with virtual sets and 3D characters.

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